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Health Administration & Policy

Welcome to the Department of Health Administration and Policy.  

Our objective is to prepare students to be highly skilled professionals who will become exemplary leaders in hospitals, health care systems, and public health organizations. 


The department offers two administrative degrees, the Master of Health Administration (MHA) and Master of Public Health (MPH).

Students in both programs are evaluated according to examinations, class participation, papers, classroom projects, simulations and role-playing exercises, team activities, sensitivity analysis, case studies, and consulting projects. 

Welcome to the Department of Health Administration and Policy in the College of Public Health at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. We are located in Oklahoma City adjacent to OU Medical Center and the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Allied Health. There is useful information on our web page about the department. I encourage you to visit the web page to find out about the faculty, our curriculum, admission requirements and related topics.

I would like to talk about the two degree programs we offer: the Master in Public Health (MPH) and the Master in Health Administration (MHA). As you consider a possible career path in public health and/or health care delivery, you should try to determine your interests in the healthcare system. The two degrees have some similarities, and require some of the same courses in the Department; however they are also distinctive in several important aspects.

For example, while both require courses in financial management, quality management, and health economics, they also have important separate curricular requirements. The MHA requires courses in strategic management and the management of human resources while the MPH requires courses in public health practice. This is due to the different career paths which follow each course of study.

The MPH is preparatory for a career in a State Health Department, probably in a leadership role as a decision-maker or program director. The MHA curriculum would prepare someone for a leadership position in a hospital or health system, either at a department, hospital or system level.

Let’s turn our attention to the ways the department develops plans and implements its curriculum. Our faculty has identified competencies for each degree track, and our curriculum and course content are based on student attainment of the respective set of competencies. We use a combination of lecture, case study, reflective journals, role play, and team based learning and problem solving.

Students are often taken to locations outside of the classroom for some of our experiential learning opportunities. We want the students to learn the course content and how to apply what they have learned. Our research program is multidimensional and evolving as the faculty pursues their interests in various subjects. These interests include healthcare economics and cost benefit analysis, state expansion of Medicaid, and how to continually improve teaching methods to better prepare students for successful careers after graduation.

As examples, one member of the faculty has recently published a book regarding Medicaid and another is working on a textbook for a course in Managerial Epidemiology. The faculty also engage in various service related tasks and assignments. These include actively participating on campus committees, providing consulting services to federal and state government agencies regarding healthcare matters, and serving as editors and reviewers for peer-reviewed journals.

The Department currently includes nine full time faculty and seven adjunct members who are practitioners in the local professional healthcare community at a public health agency, hospital or health system or the Oklahoma Hospital Association.

We have approximately 40 students in the department which includes candidates for the MPH, MHA and DrPH degrees. Please contact Student Services if you have any questions or would like additional information.

- Dr. Steven E. Mattachione



Adjunct Faculty

  • Brooke Cink, Lecturer
  • Gary Cox, Associate Professor
  • Bruce Dart, Associate Professor
  • Ed Hamilton, Lecturer
  • Susan Henderson, Lecturer
  • Craig Jones, Visiting Associate Professor
  • Jennifer Lepard, Lecturer