Health Administration & Policy

Welcome to the Department of Health Administration & Policy.  Our objective is to prepare students to be highly skilled professionals who will become exemplary leaders in hospitals, health care systems, and public health organizations. 

MHA or MPH?  Which one is for me?


The department offers two administrative degrees, the Master of Public Health (MPH) and the Master of Health Administration (MHA).

Students in both programs are evaluated according to examinations, class participation, papers, classroom projects, simulations and role-playing exercises, team activities, sensitivity analysis, case studies, and consulting projects.

The MHA Program

The MHA is a two or three-year program that prepares the graduate for a career as a healthcare administrator. The MHA Program is accredited by CEPH (through the College's accreditation) and the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

For more information, contact the Program Director, Christina Juris Bennett (


The OU Difference: Choosing the MHA

When I get asked why someone should consider OU's MHA program, I have three responses:

  • (1) Jobs: Our graduates are consistently employed in the healthcare field within three months after graduation. For the past several years, our placement rate has been 100%.
  • (2) Cost: An OU MHA costs only $369.80/credit hour. (link to bursar's pdf). Compared to other programs in our state, the cost is a steal.
  • (3) Internship: As the only CAHME-accredited program in the state, we include a required administrative internship. Before you graduate, you will have worked 400 hours in the field with a healthcare organization in an administrative role. This internship builds experience, illuminates coursework, and expands your professional network. Priceless!

The MPH Program

The MPH is a 44-credit hour program of study that prepares graduates for careers in health administration and policy. The College of Public Health and the MPH program offered by the Department are accredited by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH). The MPH program may be completed by full or part-time students and is offered in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Graduates of the program are placed in fellowships or appointed to administrative positions in health organizations and state or county health departments. Graduates also occupy positions such as program directors, administrators, consultants, quality officers, department heads, systems and policy analysts, compliance officers and project directors.

For more information, contact the Vice Chair of the Department, Shari Kinney (


The OU Difference: Choosing the MPH

Students in the MPH HAP major describe three main reasons they choose the MPH Degree:

  • (1) Jobs: HAP MPH graduates are prepared for leadership positions in a variety of government, private and non-profit organizations.  Students report this provides them more opportunities for employment.
  • (2) Cost: The MPH program costs $369.80 per credit hour and is only 44 credit hours.
  • (3) Practicum: Students have a wide variety of practicum opportunities that are flexible for working professionals and also tailored to meet the professional goals of the student.