James L. Regens, PhD


Bartlett Foundation Chair and Regents Professor
Director, Center for Biosecurity Research
Adjunct Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, College of Medicine

Phone: (405) 271-3875
Office: Center for Biosecurity Research
755 Research Parkway, Suite 520
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
Email: Larry-Regens@ouhsc.edu
Website: Center for Biosecurity Research


  • Ph.D.,University of Oklahoma,1976
  • M.A., University of Arizona, 1973
  • B.S.(Honors), University of Arizona, 1969


  • 2001 - Present: UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER, Bartlett Foundation Chair and Regents Professor, Occupational and Environmental Health; Founding Director, Center for Biosecurity Research and Associate Dean for Research, College of Public Health; Adjunct Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, College of Medicine
  • 1992 - 2001: TULANE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER, Freeport-McMoRan Chair, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine; and Founding Director, ENTERGY Spatial Analysis Research Laboratory, Tulane University Health Sciences Center

Select Publications:

(200+ total including 8 books)

  • A.I. Ksenofontov, E.I. Kurbatova, J.L. Regens, “Computer modeling and laboratory experiments to design sorbents for remediating radiologically contaminated soil and water, nanoscale structured surface layers,” Internat’l J Env Protect 2 (2012): 36-40.
  • A.M. Agapov, A.I. Ksenofontov, E.I. Kurbatova, & J.L. Regens, “Simulation of the Aggressive Loading Influence on Increased Materials Durability,” Trans Am Nuc Soc 107 (2012): 444-445.
  • Mai, S. Commuri, C.P. Dionne, J. Day, W.J.J. Ertl, & J.L. Regens, “Effect of Prosthetic Feet on End-bearing Characteristics in an Otherwise Healthy Male with Transtibial Osteomyoplastic Amputation,” J Prosthetics & Orthotics 24 (2012): 211-220.
  • S. Barua, J. Larabee, J.L. Regens, & J.D. Ballard, “Differential Inflammatory Responses Triggered by Toxic Small Molecules,” Env Sci & Pollution Res 19 (2012): 619-627.
  • J.L. Regens, J.T. Gunter, M. Amin, A. Nowakowski, & H. Navaz, “Parameterizing potential exposure to HD using mixed model regression” Human & Eco Risk Assess 17 (2011): 1229-1246.
  • J.L. Regens & J.T. Gunter, “Predicting the magnitude and spatial distribution of potentially exposed populations during IND and RDD terrorism incidents,” Human & Eco Risk Assess 16 (2010): 236-250.
  • B.G. Jacob, J.T. Gunter, E.X. Caamano, D.A. Gathings, J.I. Githure, J.L. Regens, & R.J. Novak, “Quantifying stochastic error propagation in Bayesian parametric estimates using non-linear parameters of Anopheles gambiae s.l. habitats,” Internat’l J of Remote Sensing 31 (2010): 6585-6601.
  • J. L. Larabee, K. DeGiusti, J.L. Regens, & J.D. Ballard, “Bacillus anthracis edema toxin activates nuclear glycogen synthase kinase 3ß,” Infection & Immunity 76 (2008): 4895-4904.
  • W. Gu, J.L. Regens, J.C. Beier, & R.J. Novak, “Source reduction of mosquito larval habitats has unexpected consequences on malaria transmission,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (2006): 17560-17563.


  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Terrorism Countermeasures
  • Transmission Dynamics of Infectious Diseases
  • Expertise: Modeling/Simulation, Statistical and Spatial Analysis Techniques, Risk Assessment, Decision Analysis