Degree Programs and Certificate Programs

The Hudson College of Public Health offers both professional and graduate degrees, as well as several certificates.


Professional degrees, the Master of Public Health (MPH) and the Master of Health Administration (MHA), are considered practice degrees. The intent of the public health professional degree programs is to academically train public health professional practitioners to enter and eventually lead the public health workforce.  Professional degrees at the master’s level incorporate a practicum experience (MPH) or an internship (MHA), giving the professional student the opportunity to gain work experience in the chosen field of concentration.

Detailed information is available in the Student Bulletin.



Graduate public health degrees, the Master of Science (MS) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees are considered to be preparation for research. These degrees provide research experience and require a traditional thesis for the master’s degree and dissertation for the doctoral degree.



The Hudson College of Public Health is working with the College of Arts and Sciences to provide a new program, a Bachelor of Public Health.

Please follow the link below to the webpage which discusses this new oppportunity in more depth.