This page provides access to the S-Plus code, with C libraries, to execute the Optimal Combinations of Estimating Equations analysis, as described in the paper "Optimal Combination of Estimating Equations in the Analysis of Multilevel Nested Correlated Data" by Julie A. Stoner, Brian G. Leroux, and Matthew Puumala, published in Statistics in Medicine (2008).

An additional reference is Stoner, J.A. and Leroux, B.G. (2002) “Analysis of Clustered Data, A Combined Estimating Equations Approach”. Biometrika. 89(3):567-578..

Precompiled S-Plus Chapter

Click Here to download a ZIP file of a pre-compiled copy of the S-Plus chapter, suitable to be attached from within S-Plus. After attaching the folder, the user will have access to the function "ocee()" as well as help for that function and example scripts to use it. See the "OCEE_example.ssc" S-plus script file for an example of how to run the code. The help file can be viewed by entering "?ocee" at the S-plus command prompt.

Source Code

Click Here to download a ZIP file containing the C code used to compile the C library. This code was compiled using Visual C++ version 6.0. See the included README file for further details.