Occupational & Environmental Health Research

Current Sponsored Research

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention 8/2008-8/2009 "Southwest Center for Public Health Preparedness". Enhance a federally recognized curriculum with 3D simulations and perform program, process and impact evaluations on the activities of the SWCPHP (B. Elledge)

Regens. U.S. Department of Defense, Air Force Research Laboratory, Cooperative Agreement (L. Regens)

U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Research Grant (L. Regens)

National Institutes of Health, National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities, Research Grant (L. Regens)

Recently Completed Sponsored Research

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. "Southwest Center for Public Health Preparedness". Assess regional public health workforce status pursuant to bioterrorism preparedness; design, develop and deliver bioterrorism/biodefense oriented education and training programs across multiple levels of public health workforce.(D. Boatright)

Regens .U.S. Department of Defense, Air Force Office of Scientific, Research Grant (L. Regens)

Expedient Engineering Controls for Infectious Patient Isolation (D.L. Johnson and K. Mead).

Tar Creek Remediation Air Monitoring Study (R.A. Lynch and D.L. Johnson)

Exposure Reconstruction for a Brain Cancer Epidemiological Study in Seven Connecticut Jet Engine Manufacturing Facilities (T.A. Hall)

Characterization of Lead Dust Contamination, Airborne Concentration and Deposition Rates in Residences in the Tar Creek Superfund Site Area (D.L. Johnson and R.A. Lynch)

Cohort Mortality Study of Workers Potentially Exposed to Chloroprene (T.A. Hall and M.L. Phillips)

Effect of Meteorological and Proximity Factors on Particulate Concentration at the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Ottawa County, Oklahoma - Sridhar Agraharam, M.S. Thesis (Johnson)

Preliminary Assessment of Environmental Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Mortality in Central Oklahoma - Tunde Sosanya, M.S. Thesis (Johnson)

Characterization of Noise Exposure of Law Enforcement Officers of the Oklahoma Highway/Capital Patrol - John Dyer, M.S. Thesis (Phillips)

Potential Compliance Impact of Reduced Permissible Exposure Limit for Hexavalent Chromium in an Aerospace Production and Maintenance Facility - Andrew Shamhart, M.S. Thesis (Phillips)

Factors that Influence Residential Particle Infiltration in the Tar Creek Superfund Site - Ryan Graff, M.S. Thesis (Phillips)

Characterizing the Exposure to Laboratory Animal Allergen in Animal Care Staff - Marc Adkins, M.S. Thesis (Lynch)

Assessment of Professional Judgment as it Relates to Indoor Mold Investigations - Jason Redus, M.S. Thesis (Clinkenbeard)

Studies of Antecedents to Foodborne Disease Outbreak (D.T. Boatright and R.A. Lynch)

Applications and Limitations of Air Dispersion Modeling in Ecological Exposure Assessment (D.L. Johnson, R.E. Clinkenbeard, and T.A. Hall)

Exposure Reconstruction and Exposure Estimation in a Cohort Mortality Study (N.A. Esmen)

Data Management for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (R.A. Lynch)

Assessment of In-Stream Nutrient Dynamics within Lake Eucha (R.A. Lynch)

Ecological Risks, Stakeholder Values and River Basins: Testing Management Options for the Illinois River (R. A. Lynch and D.T. Boatright)

Toxicokinetics and Ototoxicity of Manganese Dioxide in the Rat: A Nose-Only Inhalation Study (L.D. Fechter and D.L. Johnson)

Replication of Human Tracheobronchial Models for Bioengineering Applications (D.L. Johnson, K. Parthasarathy, and C. Altan)

Characterization of Factors Determining Personal Exposure to Volatile Air Toxics in Urban Environments (N.A. Esmen, M.L. Phillips, R.L. Lynch, T.A. Hall, and D.L. Johnson)

Recently Completed Thesis and Dissertation Research

Characterization of noise exposure of law enforcement officers of the Oklahoma Highway/Capitol Patrol - John Dyer, M.S. Thesis (Phillips)

Factors that influence residential particle infiltration in the Tar Creek superfund site- Ryan Graff, M.S. Thesis(Phillips)
Potential compliance impact of reduced permissible exposure limit for hexavalent chromium in an aerospace production and maintenance facility - Andrew Shamhart, M.S. Thesis (Phillips)

Accessibility of material safety data sheets for consumer product household chemicals - Farrel Smith, M.S. Thesis (Phillips)

The effect of pressure differential and provider movement on isolation room containment efficiency - Noah Adams, M.S. Thesis (Johnson)

Effect of meteorological factors on particulate concentration at the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Ottawa County, Oklahoma - Sridhar Agraharam, M.S. Thesis (Johnson)

Examination of regression modeling for estimating airborne fungal infiltration loss factor - Edwin Chendra, M.S. Thesis (Johnson)

Assessment of the variance of outdoor Andersen N6 single stage impactor samples for Cladosporium, Alternaria, and Penicillium mold species collected on Sabauraud dextrose agar in Oklahoma - Sara Downard, M.S. Thesis (Johnson)

Expedient methods for patient isolation during natural or manmade epidemic response - Ken Mead, PhD Dissertation (Johnson)

Preliminary assessment of environmental risk factors for cardiovascular mortality in central Oklahoma -Sosanya Babatunde, M.S. Thesis (Johnson)

Accuracy and precision of sectional deposition model - Alicia Frazier-Standefer, M.S. Thesis (Clinkenbeard)

Effect of 2-D Source Data Spacing on 3-D Airway Models - Maria Gutierrez, M.S. Thesis (Clinkenbeard)

An assessment of professional judgement as it relates to indoor mold investigations - Jason Redus, M.S. Thesis (Clinkenbeard)

Occupational exposure evaluation of long-term trends using linear regression models - Jonathan Roberts, M.S. Thesis (Clinkenbeard)

Effects of relative humidity on the fluorescence of uranine (disodium fluorescein) - Colin Talbot, M.S. Thesis (Clinkenbeard)

Effects and limitations of sample selection in retrospective occupational exposure reconstruction - Fabiola Hernandez, M.S. Thesis (Hall)

Evaluation of a classification system for Oklahoma streams - Billy Jack Frazier, M.S. Thesis (Lynch)

Effects of glove use : a microbiological evaluation of food samples collected from the fast food restaurants - Sridhar Hanumanthaiah, M.S. Thesis (Lynch)

A multivariate evaluation of ecological factors in reference to Phenacobius mirabilis and Campostoma anomalum in Oklahoma streams - Christa Welch, M.S. Thesis (Lynch)

Adequacy of the national public health performance standards as a measure of the capacity of local environmental public health programs in Oklahoma - Patrick Bohan, PhD Dissertation (Boatright)

Results of the 1987 Clean Water Act Amendment on the greater Oklahoma City area natural water quality - Jason Melton, M.S. Thesis (Boatright)

Ambient air pollution and daily hospital admissions for asthma in children - Olga Magas, M.S. Thesis (Regens)

An Assessment of Lead Leachability from Ceramic Bean Pots Commonly Used in Hispanic Communities - Chris Peters, M.S. Thesis (Lynch)

BTEX and VOC Emissions from Glycol Dehydrators: Major Concern for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry - Victoria Sanchez, M.S. Thesis (Phillips, Esmen).

Comparative Analysis of Airborne Fine Particulate Matter Sampling Devices - Cheryl L. Marcham, PhD Dissertation (Esmen, Johnson).

Evaluation of a Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence Program for Occupational Hygiene Applications - Karen Johnston, M.S. Thesis (Phillips, Esmen), December.

A Comparison of Sound Exposure Profiling with the Basic Sound Survey as Applied in an Academic Laboratory Environment - James A. Cross, M.S. Thesis (Phillips).

Pest Management in Oklahoma’s Childcare Facilities - Annie Cacy, M.S. Thesis (Lynch).

Volunteer Monitoring Group Water Quality Data in Oklahoma - Damian D. Smith, M.S. Thesis (Lynch).

Concentration and Particle Size Characteristics of Aerosols Produced in Surface Abrasion Using Two Standard Grit Abrasives - Keith Kilpatrick, M.S. Thesis (Johnson).

Cumulative Risk Index Analysis for Determining the Risk of Total Coliform Rule Maximum Contaminant Level Violations at Manufactured Housing Communities - Marci Martin, M.S. Thesis (Phillips)..

Assessment of the Variability of Indoor Viable Airborne Mold Sampling Using the Andersen N-6 Single Stage Impactor - Robert J. Agnew, M.S. Thesis (Phillips).

Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposures in Native American Gaming Facilities - Carol Crouch, M.S. Thesis (Lynch).

Characterization of a Modified Pitt3 Aerosol Generator - LaTina Alston, M.S. Thesis (Johnson).

Methodological Issues in Ultra-Low Concentration Aerosol Sampling - Heather McCutcheon, M.S. Thesis (Johnson).

In Vitro Transformation of Phagocytized Beryllium Oxide Particles in the Murine J774A.1 Cell - Gregory A. Day, PhD Dissertation (Esmen).

An Evaluation of Zero Valent Iron Reactive Barrier Technology to Reduce High Concentrations of Chlorinated Solvents in Contaminated Groundwater- Bryan K. Stolte, PhD Dissertation (Boatright).

Risk Perception Aspects of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks - Brenda Elledge, DrPH Dissertation (Boatright).

Methodology Development for Evaluating Air Curtain Destructors in a Western Forest Environment - Michael E. Dennis, M.S. Thesis.

Evaluation of a Method to Estimate Contractor Safety Performance in U.S. Oil and Gas Exploration and Production - Paul Hart, M.S. Thesis (Hall).

Ultraviolet Disinfection of Particle-Laden Metalworking Fluid Contaminated with Pseudomonas fluorescens Bacteria - Timothy J. Havel, M.S. Thesis (Johnson).

The Assessment of Lead Leachability from Candy Wrappers - Kirby Moss, M.S. Thesis (Lynch).