Our Core Values


  • The College of Public Health strives to achieve excellence in all of its endeavors.


  • The College of Public Health adheres to the highest standards of honesty, objectivity, transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct at all times.

Public Service

  • The College of Public Health exists to serve the citizens of Oklahoma and the United States efforts to protect and improve their health, and to contribute to international efforts to improve the health of other nations.

Health Equity

  • The College of Public Health advocates the principle that all individuals have a right to the opportunity for a health life. The College is committed to reducing and eliminating health disparities among populations.


  • The College of Public Health strives to make the most effective use of all resources it receives, to use responsibly all state, federal and private funding, and to leverage its resources into additional resources for the College, University, and State of Oklahoma.


  • The College of Public Health is committed to fostering collegian productive partnerships with all stakeholders who share the vision of protecting and improving the public's health.


Promoting healthier tomorrows through education and research today