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June Dao (2017-2021)

June Dao (2017-2021)

Even in high school in Vietnam, numbers and biology piqued the interest of June Dao, a doctoral student in epidemiology with a strong interest in cancer prevention. “I became interested in epidemiology during my senior year, as it allows me to use my mathematical skills in my field of interest, medicine,” she said. Dao earned her master’s in epidemiology from the OU College of Public Health before deciding to work to earn a doctoral degree as well. Her research aims to better understand the spatial effect of environmental exposures on cancer. She is currently involved in multiple research projects, including one that is looking at benzene exposure and birth defects. “My passion lies in preventive measures, which leave less negative impact on patients and allow for health care to be provided more economically,” Dao said.

She is especially grateful to have been chosen as a Hudson Fellow. “This fellowship provides me a great opportunity to focus on my education and to get the necessary research experience for my future as an epidemiologist,” Dao said. She added that her education at the college has been rewarding in many ways. It has helped her to acquire essential knowledge for her professional career, but also practical skills through her work on a number of projects in a variety of fields. “I believe that I will be prepared and well-equipped for my future public health career.”