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Meet the Hudson Fellows

Xi (Sophia) Chen

Xi (Sophia) Chen

Xi (Sophia) Chen received her MD degree from China Medical University in 2011 and came to Oklahoma to pursue graduate education receiving her Master of Science degree in Biostatistics in 2016 and is a PhD student in biostatistics. 

Sophia works as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Research Design and Analysis Center of the BSE Department. In that capacity, Sophia has contributed significantly to a wide range of studies, including evaluation of the national ophthalmology residency matching program, and a project aimed at improving performance of primary care screening practices which could ultimately reduce cardiovascular risk factors of the patients screened by primary care physicians throughout Oklahoma. Sophia’s work has been recognized nationally by the professional community. She was selected to give a platform presentation at the North American Primary Care Research Group’s Annual Conference and she has published several articles in peer-reviewed publications as either first author or co-author.

In 2016 she was named the Paul S. Anderson, Jr Outstanding Student in Biostatistics.  She has received the Robert W. Ketner Scholarship, the Dan C. Macer Scholarship, the James N. George Scholarship and the Elisa T. Lee Scholarship.  She serves as the Secretary of the OUHSC Running Club and is active in the Biostatistics and Epidemiology Student Association.