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About Us


The Center for Public Health Practice at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) was officially established on MONTH DAY, YEAR. The Center was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with an initial focus to assess the significant health and economic impacts on Oklahomans due to the pandemic. The Center is housed in the Hudson College of Public Health on the OUHSC campus in Oklahoma City. Support for the Center is provided through local businesses, philanthropies, grants, and individual donors.

The Center for Public Health Practice has the following aims:

(1) Educate and train the public health workforce in Oklahoma.

(2) Foster multi-disciplinary and multi-sector collaborations to strengthen public health.

(3) Promote and support community partnerships to advance public health improvement.

(4) Conduct research needed to support all Center activities.

(5) Coordinate Center research with local, state, and national resources to promote combined success.

The Center will emphasize training the public health and health care workforces in Oklahoma, along with developing local, statewide, and national partnerships and collaborations. A key strategy is to leverage public and private funding for the increased and sustained resources needed for public health and community-based organizations to address the social determinants of health. Over the next year, staff will focus on:

(1) Conducting a pandemic performance assessment to analyze Oklahoma’s response to COVID-19.

(2) Conducting an analysis of the current public health workforce in the state.

(3) Collaborating with other Centers for Public Health across the United States.

As a nationally accredited, top ten school of public health, the Hudson College of Public Health is uniquely positioned to manage the Center and provide cutting-edge research to public health and health care students and professionals in Oklahoma.