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Policy Recommendation

The Achieving a Healthy Oklahoma initiative was launched in 2021 by the Center for Public Health Practice in the Hudson College of Public Health. The initiative was a nonpartisan effort to bring people from across Oklahoma, and from all sectors of society, together to enhance and expand public health infrastructure in the state. The goal was to ensure that Oklahoma is well prepared for future outbreaks and that Oklahoma citizens are healthier and less vulnerable to future pandemics. Our team assembled leaders and experts from the business, education, community engagement, and health sectors to share their experiences and ideas about improving the health and well-being of Oklahomans. The initiative began in July 2021, convened 19 steering committee members and 85 workgroup members across four Steering Committee meetings, eight workgroup meetings across four workgroups, and nine Community Listening Sessions, to produce six statewide policy recommendations, and a multi-sector action guide to bolster Public and Private partnerships by its conclusion in June 2022. The policy recommendation document can be accessed here. We recognized that strategic communication across each of these four sectors was critical to creating policy change, improving health, enhancing data driven preparedness, cultivating partnerships, and promoting health literacy within our state.

A final document is in production and will be provided to the Committee’s and available online in June 2022.

For more information on the Achieving a Healthy Oklahoma initiative, please contact Gary Cox at