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MHA Competencies

The CAHME-accredited MHA program has been developed around the mastery of competencies necessary to be successful in health care administrative positions.

After completion of the MHA program, a student will have the ability to demonstrate:

A. Synthesis and evaluation of the healthcare system, healthcare management, and issues related to:

  1. Healthcare organizations,
  2. access to care,
  3. financing healthcare,
  4. human resources,
  5. financial management,
  6. strategic planning and thinking,
  7. quality improvement, and
  8. legal and regulatory matters.

B. Communication Skills including:

  1. Characterizing and utilizing appropriate forms and standards of communication methods applicable in professional healthcare settings;
  2. Establishing best practices of communication skills; and
  3. Effectively identifying and responding to the audience and its wants, needs, interests, and beliefs.

C. Critical thinking, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities including:

  1. Using quantitative, statistical and financial analyses to solve problems;
  2. Creating and using strategic planning and strategic thinking to discern among alternatives and make recommendations; and
  3. Applying quality improvement techniques to analyze and change organizational outcomes.

D. Leadership, Professionalism, and Ethics including:

  1. Engaging people, organizations, and key stakeholders when developing goals and executing plans;
  2. Mobilizing teams, using negotiating skills, and accounting for individual and organizational pressures and needs;
  3. Demonstrating integrity in personal and organizational practices, respecting diverse opinions, and holding themselves and others accountable for their actions; and
  4. Using a corporate ethical decision-making process in a healthcare setting and apply ethical principles and policy statements to resolve ethical issues.