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OUHSC’s 2022 GREAT Debate and Symposium: “Mental Health. Break the Stigma”

OUHSC’s 2022 GREAT Debate and Symposium: “Mental Health. Break the Stigma”

Published: Thursday, January 27, 2022

The 2022 Graduate Research Education And Technology (GREAT) Debate and Symposium will be held on Wednesday, March 30th at 12:00 pm. The 2022 GREAT Symposium will be held March 28 - 31 and will feature oral presentations, poster presentations, and Flash Talk competitions (essentially a 3 minute scientific "elevator pitch" for your research) - as well as an awards ceremony for winners of the Oral, Poster and Flash Talk competitions. GREAT 2022 will also feature the GREAT Debate, co-sponsored by the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs.  This event will be held Wednesday, March 30th @ 12pm, in-person & via Zoom. For the past 46 years, students at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center have showcased their original research at this annual symposium. Students and postdoctoral fellows compete for travel grants which allow them to attend and present their research at national scientific meetings.

  • What is it? 
    • A team debate; each team will stake a position and compete to win the audiences’ vote for best presentation/argument.
  • What is the topic?  
    • Mental Health Should be Prioritized over Physical Health
  • Who can participate?
    • Seeking 2 students from each of the 7 colleges who are interested in engaging in a collegial debate between colleagues across disciplines.  We want student representation from EACH of our 7 colleges on EACH team!
  • What is in it for me? 
    • $200 Cash Prize for each member of the winning team!
    • $200 Cash Prize for People’s Choice Best Speaker!
    • 4 IPE Credit Hours
    • The opportunity to enjoy stimulating discussions with students while developing arguments for or against the topic!
    • Develop skills critical to all of our success: Critical ThinkingPublic SpeakingFocused Research, and Professional Collegiality in Discussion
  • What Is involved?    
    • We will have 4 meetings with all members of each team with our Debate coach Dr. Ioana Cionea who will offer guidance and training for students, including those with little or no prior debate experience! You will feel prepared!
  • How do I sign up?    
    • Please contact Annie Doyle by email at The first meeting time is 5pm on Thursday, February 24th!  Teams will meet each other & designate who will do what to prepare & participate.  *First meeting will be held via Zoom - remainder of sessions will be held in person pending the approval of your program requirements.

Please reference the attached flyer for a concise summary of meeting times.