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Master of Health Administration

The MHA is a 52-credit hour program that prepares the graduate for a career as a senior administrator of a health service organization. 


The University of Oklahoma Master of Health Administration program’s mission is to prepare aspiring healthcare executives, primarily from the South Central region of the United States, to achieve leadership and management positions within the healthcare industry. Graduates will be recognized by their peers and superiors as competent and able to demonstrate excellent knowledge, skills, and abilities that drive transformation through rigorous academic study and real-world application. Our competency model is the successful understanding and evaluation of the US healthcare system, communication, executive leadership and ethical decision-making, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, patient outcome improvement, and professionalism.


We will be evaluated and recognized by healthcare leaders as a premier masters-level health administration program in the South Central region of the United States. Seeking the most competitive students, we will prepare them for successful careers in administrative leadership, quantitative analysis, and quality outcomes within the national healthcare industry.


Excellence, Professionalism, Innovation, Leadership, Integrity and Stewardship.

Health Administration and Policy: MHA Admission Requirements

When applying to the MHA program, please be prepared to meet the following requirements:

  1. Completed application in SOPHAS
  2. Completed supplemental application through the University of Oklahoma
  3. Minimum TOEFL score of 100, if applicable
  4. Bachelors degree from accredited university or college
  5. Interview with Admissions Committee (in-person or via web-conferencing).

Once the MHA Admissions Committee has received your complete application, it will score the candidate based on academic performance (rigor of institution and program of study, GPA), GRE scores, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. The Committee will then use the scores to determine whether to invite the candidate for an interview, which will also be scored. Considering all scores, the Committee will then determine whether to extend an offer of acceptance.