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Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology

The Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, which was founded in 1968, was the first university department to combine these two disciplines into a single administrative unit. Objectives of the Department are (1) to produce professional biostatisticians and epidemiologists and (2) to give each specialist adequate preparation in the other disciplines.


  • applies new or existing statistical techniques to health-related questions
  • develops new statistical techniques appropriate for analysis of health-related data
  • assists health researchers in:
    • making appropriate inferences from their data relative to chance
    • making valid estimates of population parameters
    • designing studies in a valid and feasible manner to maximize information obtained


  • studies the distribution and dynamics of disease and health in populations
  • investigates causative factors and determinants of disease in populations
  • advances the body of knowledge that will make it possible to control and/or prevent disease and to optimize health

The Department’s programs are designed to prepare students for careers in health agencies and medical institutions; for consultation, especially in the biomedical fields; for independent biostatistical and epidemiological research; and for academic careers in schools of public health and medicine.