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Hudson Fellows

The Hudson Fellows in Public Health program awards fellowships to graduate students who are training at the highest levels of their disciplines at the Hudson College of Public Health. 

The Hudson Fellows in Public Health program was established in 2015 by Dr. Leslie Hudson and Mr. Clifford Hudson to strengthen a growing network of scholarship, education and practice devoted to the development of better public health practices and outcomes for the state, the nation and the world in which we live.

The intent of the fellowship is to support full time continuous Ph.D. study for 4 consecutive years.  To be eligible for a fellowship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be pursuing a PhD in a program in the OU Hudson College of Public Health; or a student accepted into a PhD program in the OU Hudson College of Public Health;
  • Must be enrolled full time and in good academic standing in the OU Hudson College of Public Health at the time fellowship payments are made;
  • Must be in residence at OU Hudson College of Public Health to receive and maintain the Hudson Fellowship;
  • May not hold another GRA position or be otherwise employed at the same time you are a Hudson Fellow;
  • Must not be the Donors or an immediate family member of the Donors;
  • Must attend (1) the annual Hudson Fellows Symposium, (2) an annual luncheon with the Donors, and (3) the annual Hudson College of Public Health Scholarship Luncheon.

Hudson Fellows receive $30,000 per annum and are eligible for waiver of the nonresident portion of tuition, if appropriate, in accordance with OUHSC policy. As for all PhD students, a tuition waiver at resident tuition rate will be awarded for up to six years. 

To learn more about becoming a Hudson Fellow at the OU College of Public Health, please go to the "Application Information" tab of the "In This Section" menu on this page.