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Center for American Indian Health Research (CAIHR)

Strong Heart

Center for American Indian Health Research (CAIHR) is a multidisciplinary research organization and conducts health-related studies in partnership with American Indian communities. The ultimate goal of the research at CAIHR is to improve the health status of the American Indian populations. CAIHR conducts epidemiological, clinical, and environmental studies of health problems among these populations. The aim of these CAIHR research studies is to learn more about heart, lung, and blood vessel diseases, diabetes, the risk factors for these conditions and how they change over time, and how they may be related to liver disease, cancer, and conditions that inflammation. CAIHR also conducts studies focusing on health promotion and disease prevention. CAIHR has developed mutually respectful and productive relationship with American Indian tribes in Oklahoma, Arizona, North Dakota, and South Dakota. 

Mission Statement

  • Improve the health of American Indian populations through research and education
  • Mentor and train biomedical scientists and community members in research