The Application Process

How to Apply to The University of Oklahoma College of Public Health

All applicants who wish to apply for admission to degree programs at the OU College of Public Health must apply, submit, and pay the fees for two electronic applications:

            1.  Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS)
            2.  College of Public Health Supplemental Application

SOPHAS is the centralized application service used by accredited schools of public health.  SOPHAS will collect information and the required materials and make the application available to the OU College of Public Health as well as other schools designated.

The College will review applications online using a website maintained by SOPHAS. Therefore, all application materials should be sent to SOPHAS, not to the College of Public Health. Materials sent to the College rather than to SOPHAS will not be available to the Admissions Committee for consideration through the SOPHAS review website.

Please use the CHECK YOUR STATUS function of the SOPHAS application to track the receipt of required materials (references, transcripts, test scores, etc.). You will find this feature on the homepage of your application when you sign in.

Applicants may apply to two degree programs in the SOPHAS application. Applicants must select the same degree program/s in the College of Public Health Supplemental Application as in the SOPHAS application.

A complete application to the OU College of Public Health will include:

1. Completed SOPHAS application ( and payment of required fee. The following materials must be loaded into or received by SOPHAS: 


  • U.S. applicants
    SOPHAS requires a separate official transcript from every U.S. and Canadian institution attended. You must arrange for official transcripts from all prior undergraduate, graduate, and professional study to be sent to SOPHAS. (Address below.) The application process also requires you to complete a section detailing all degrees earned and institutions attended. You are required to list and give information concerning all coursework you have taken (undergraduate, graduate and professional programs). You will need to have a copy of your transcripts in hand so that you will be able to complete the coursework section of the application. Do not enter foreign courses taken at Universities outside the U.S. or Canada.   International applicants:  
    International applicants to the OU College of Public Health are required to submit transcripts/mark sheets to the World Education Services ( for a course-by-course evaluation. Applicants should designate SOPHAS to receive the evaluation.

    SOPHAS mailing address:
    P.O. Box 9111
    Watertown, MA 02471   • GRE test scores Applicants to all degrees and programs in the College of Public Health are required to submit an official GRE score. SOPHAS should be designated to receive the scores by using the designation code #4244.   • Career goal statement This personal essay should be created in a word processing program and pasted into the online SOPHAS application. Complete instructions are within the SOPHAS application.   • Current CV/ Résumé: The SOPHAS application allows applicants to upload the CV or résumé before electronically submitting the application. It is not possible to upload the resume to the SOPHAS application after e-submission of the application.

    It is important to upload the resume into the SOPHAS application. Any document not received by SOPHAS will not be visible to the Admissions Committee when they review application files.   • Recommendations Three letters of academic or professional recommendation are preferrable (personal references are not encouraged). Applicants will list recommenders’ contact information and SOPHAS will send the recommenders instructions concerning how to submit their recommendations electronically through an online SOPHAS recommenders’ portal. Recommendations must be submitted electronically. Further Instructions are available within the SOPHAS application. Paper-based letters will not be accepted.   • International applicants’ English language proficiency International applicants are required to submit TOEFL scores to SOPHAS using the designation code #5688. Minimum acceptable TOEFL score for most programs is 88 IBT. The MHA program requires a TOEFL score of 100 IBT; the PhD program in OEH requires a minimum TOEFL score of 90 IBT. IELTS or other language proficiency tests will not be accepted. Additional information about the TOEFL requirement is available at OUHSC's TOEFL page.

2. The University of Oklahoma College of Public Health supplemental application and fee

  • All applicants to the OU College of Public Health are required to submit a supplemental application and fee. The supplemental application is available at:

    Applicants must select the same program/s in the supplemental application as in the SOPHAS application. The fee for the supplemental application is $100 if the applicant selects two professional programs (MPH, MHA, DrPH, Certificate of Public Health). If the applicant selects one professional program and one graduate program (MS or PhD), the fee for the supplemental application is $175. If the applicant selects only graduate programs, the fee is $75.


Helpful Contact Information

College of Public Health, Office of Student Services
(405) 271-2308 or Toll Free (877) 805-6901
FAX (405) 271-3299

OUHSC Office of Admissions and Records:   (405) 271-2359

OUHSC Office of Financial Aid:   (405) 271-2118