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Primary Responsibilities of the OEH Chair

HCOPH Building 2

  1. Leadership and Administration:
    1. Provide visionary leadership to the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, with a strong emphasis on innovative and disruptive change.
    2. Oversee and manage departmental operations, including budgeting, resource allocation, and strategic planning with a focus on transformation.
    3. Foster a collaborative departmental culture that embraces an innovative program that pursues cutting edge research and prepares the next generation of public health professionals leading efforts at the intersection of human health and the environment.
    4. Lead recruitment of 3-5 new faculty members that will strengthen the focus of the department on critical issues in occupational and environmental health.
  2. Academic Program Oversight:
    1. Lead the development of a new study tract that focuses on emerging issues at the intersection of human health and the environment.
    2. Enhance existing academic programs within the department by leading the development of greater online offerings and integrating innovative teaching methodologies.
    3. Ensure curriculum alignment with industry standards and accreditation requirements, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
    4. Supervise faculty in exploring and implementing cutting-edge teaching methods with an increased focus on the intersection of health and the environment.
    5. Teach courses and work with faculty in the development of curricula and education programs for practicing professionals in the field.
  3. Faculty Management:
    1. Recruit, mentor, and evaluate faculty members who are enthusiastic about pioneering new approaches to research and teaching, particularly in the intersection of health and the environment.
    2. Facilitate professional development opportunities for faculty, encouraging participation in research and educational initiatives.
    3. Foster a positive and supportive work environment that encourages innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  4. Research and Scholarship:
    1. Promote and support research initiatives within the department, with a special emphasis on groundbreaking research projects.
    2. Encourage faculty involvement in research that challenges conventional norms, facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration, and advances knowledge in health and environmental sciences.
    3. Collaborate with other departments and institutions to enhance innovative research opportunities in the intersecting fields.
  5. Student Engagement:
    1. Enhance student recruitment efforts by highlighting innovative programs and learning experiences.
    2. Foster a student-centered approach to education, integrating cutting-edge technologies and novel teaching methods that address health and environmental challenges.
    3. Collaborate with career services to create innovative internship and job placement opportunities.
  6. Community Engagement and Service:
    1. Build and maintain partnerships with community organizations, industry stakeholders, and government agencies by spearheading innovative public health initiatives.
    2. Represent the department in relevant professional organizations and conferences, showcasing the department's commitment to innovative practices in occupational and environmental health.
    3. Participate in faculty governance and oversight through committee membership at the department, College, and university levels.
    4. Contribute to community outreach with strategies that address emerging public health challenges related to the environment.
Additional Information:

Salary and rank are commensurate with qualifications. This is a 12-month position.