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Health Administration and Policy

2023 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Clay Franklin, MHA

Clay Franklin

Clay Franklin, MHA, 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient!

Meet Mr. Clay Franklin, the 2023 Recipient of the Department of Health Administration and Policy's Distinguished Alumni Award. Clay's remarkable journey from his days as an administrative resident at OU Medical Center to his current role as the President and CEO of Oklahoma Complete Health has been nothing short of inspiring.

A Foundation of Excellence
Clay Franklin's journey in the healthcare industry began as a young and eager administrative resident at OU Medical Center. This pivotal moment in his career laid the foundation for what would become an extraordinary path of leadership and service. Clay's time at OU was not only academically enriching but also instilled in him a profound commitment to the field of health administration. [Read More]

2023 Young Alumni Professional Award Recipient: Whitney J. Dockrey, JD, MHA

Whitney Dockrey

Whitney Dockrey, MHA, 2023 Young Alumni Professional Award Recipient!

Meet Whitney J. Dockrey, a shining example of dedication, achievement, and impactful contributions to our community. She is the proud recipient of the 2023 Young Alumni Professional Award from the Department of Health Administration and Policy.
Whitney holds an impressive academic record, graduating in 2019 with a JD/MHA from the prestigious OU College of Law and Hudson College of Public Health. Her commitment to both law and healthcare set the stage for her remarkable career. [Read More]