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2023 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Clay Franklin, MHA

Clay Franklin

Stephen C. Hanson, MPH, LFACHE, 2021 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient!

Meet Mr. Clay Franklin, the 2023 Recipient of the Department of Health Administration and Policy's Distinguished Alumni Award. Clay's remarkable journey from his days as an administrative resident at OU Medical Center to his current role as the President and CEO of Oklahoma Complete Health has been nothing short of inspiring.

A Foundation of Excellence
Clay Franklin's journey in the healthcare industry began as a young and eager administrative resident at OU Medical Center. This pivotal moment in his career laid the foundation for what would become an extraordinary path of leadership and service. Clay's time at OU was not only academically enriching but also instilled in him a profound commitment to the field of health administration.
A Double Alumni
Clay is a true embodiment of the phrase "Once a Sooner, always a Sooner." He holds not one but two degrees from the University of Oklahoma. His journey began with a Bachelor of Arts from OU Norman, where he honed his leadership skills and passion for healthcare. This was followed by a Master's in Health Administration (MHA) from the Hudson College of Public Health, setting the stage for his remarkable career.
Leadership in Action
Before stepping into his current role, Clay served as the Market CEO of AllianceHealth of Oklahoma. During his tenure from 2017 to 2020, he took on the formidable task of managing multiple independent hospitals. Clay's leadership was instrumental in achieving clinical excellence and fostering a culture of service within these healthcare institutions. His tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to improving patient care made a lasting impact.
Pioneering Managed Care
Today, Clay Franklin serves as the President and CEO of Oklahoma Complete Health. In this pivotal role, he has been chosen to lead the organization in providing managed care for the SoonerSelect and SoonerSelect Specialty Children’s Plan programs. His visionary leadership is driving innovation and transforming the way healthcare is delivered in Oklahoma.
A Legacy of Excellence
Clay's journey is a testament to the power of dedication, education, and leadership. As the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, he stands as a shining example of what a determined individual can achieve in the field of health administration. His legacy continues to inspire current and future generations of healthcare leaders to reach for the stars and make a meaningful impact on the world of healthcare.
In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the field, we proudly honor Mr. Clay Franklin as the 2023 Recipient of the Department of Health Administration and Policy’s Distinguished Alumni Award. His journey serves as a reminder that with passion, education, and unwavering commitment, we can all strive for excellence and make a positive difference in the world of healthcare.