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Ozair Naqvi

Vice President
Hudson College of Public Health Student Association (HCOPHSA)
2022 - 2023

Ozair Naqvi

Ozair is a second year PhD epidemiology student and a Graduate Research Assistant working on projects focused on infectious disease control, emergency preparedness, and implementation science with Dr. Wendelboe at the Hudson College of Public Health and Dr. Chou at the OU College of Medicine. Ozair completed his MS in Epidemiology here at HCOPH in 2018, and worked as a communicable disease epidemiologist at the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) for 2 years before returning for his PhD. At OSDH, Ozair worked as one of the lead epidemiologists on the COVID-19 response. Ozair is dedicated to connecting students to resources, whether it be research opportunities, interdisciplinary collaboration, and service across OUHSC. When not working or in class, Ozair enjoys traveling, trying out new local food places with friends, and being a sports fanatic.