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Health Administration & Policy Faculty

Dale Bratzler

Dale Bratzler, D.O., MPH
Interim Dean
Chair & Edith Kinney Gaylord Presidential Professor

Edwin Ibay

Edwin (Gerry) Ibay, J.D.
Assistant Professor & Vice Chair 
MHA Program Director

Gary Cox

Gary Cox, J.D.
Professor & Director for
Public Health Practice & Community Partnerships

Nasim Ferdows

Nasim Ferdows, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Joseph Geresi

Joey Geresi, J.D., MHA
Assistant Dean for Student Services & Lecturer

Rahma Osman

Rahma Osman, MHA
IPE Project Manager

Health Administration & Policy Adjunct Faculty

  • Brooke Cink, Lecturer
  • Bruce Dart, Associate Professor
  • Ed Hamilton, Lecturer
  • Susan Henderson, Lecturer
  • Jennifer Lepard, Lecturer
  • Ann Paul, Lecturer

Health Administration & Policy Staff

Cyndie Clubb

Cynthia "Cyndie" Clubb
Assistant to the Chair
Department of Health Administration & Policy and
Department of Occupational & Environmental Health

Vicki Johnson

Vicki Johnson
Staff Assistant