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Karla Finnell

Assistant Professor

Karla Finnell, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Phone: (405) 271-8001, x46757

Office: Hudson College of Public Health

801 Northeast 13th Street, Room 469

Post Office Box 26901

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104






  • PhD, Health Promotion Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 2015
  • MPH, Health Administration and Policy, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 1998
  • JD, College of Law, University of Oklahoma, 1987
  • BA, Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma, 1984



  • Community Health Center Executive Fellowship Program, University of Kansas, 2007 to present.


  • HPS 5453 Theoretical Concepts
  • HPS 5990 Special Studies/Social Policy and Health
  • HPS 6633 Health Promotion Theory I
  • HPS 6453 Focus Group Research


Research Interests:

  • Social justice/health equality
  • Social determinants of health
  • Integration of public health into a primary care medical setting
  • Social marketing
  • Maternal and infant mortality/maternal stress


Link to Dr. Finnell's current publications

Select publications:

  1. Sisson, Susan; Hetrick, Hope; Stinner, Emily; Salvatore, Alicia; Williams, Bethany; Eliot, Kathrin; Finnell, Karla. O20 Family Child Care Home Menu Quality: Happy Healthy Homes Baseline. J Nutr Educ Behav. 2021;53(7):S9-S10. doi:10.1016/j.jneb.2021.04.029
  2. DeBerry, Stephanie; Sisson, Susan; Baldwin, Jonathan; Finnell, Karla; Scott-Kaliki, Meredith; John, Robert. P3 Midwestern Regional Grocery Store Chain Canned and Frozen Vegetable Sales. J Nutr Educ Behav. 2021;53(7):S24-S25. doi:10.1016/j.jneb.2021.04.395
  3. John, Robert; Finnell, Karla; Scott-Kaliki, Meredith; DeBerry, Stephanie. A Case Study of Two Successful Social Marketing Interventions to Promote 1% Low-Fat Milk Consumption. Social Marketing Quarterly. 2019;25(2):137-159. doi:10.1177/1524500418824292
  4. John, Robert; Finnell, Karla; Kerby, Dave; Owen, Jade; Hansen, Kendra. Reactions to a Low-Fat Milk Social Media Intervention in the US: The Choose 1% Milk Campaign. Beverages. 2017;3(4):47. doi:10.3390/beverages3040047
  5. Finnell, Karla; John, Robert. Research to Understand Milk Consumption Behaviors in a Food-Insecure Low-Income SNAP Population in the US. Beverages. 2017;3(3):46. doi:10.3390/beverages3030046