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Sixia Chen

Assistant Professor

Sixia Chen, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Phone: (405) 271-2229, x48628 

Office: Hudson College of Public Health

801 Northeast 13th Street, Room 325 

Post Office Box 26901 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73126-0901 



Dr. Chen has more than 13 years practical and theoretical research experience with survey sampling and missing data analysis problems. Before joining OUHSC, Dr. Chen served as the senior sampling statistician at Westat research organization (a world leading research organization in survey sampling and methods research) from 2012 to 2015. Dr. Chen has served as PI, Co-PI and Co-I for multiple local and national grants including NIH. He has extensive inter-/multi-disciplinary research experience in data integration, missing data analysis, survey sampling, biostatistics, tobacco research, and Native American health disparity. Recently, Dr. Chen has started to work on machine learning and big data research with three funded NIH grants (two as the PI) related to machine learning. He has more than 23 methodological publications in top statistical journals (20 are first author articles) and more than 32 collaborative publications in other fields. He is now serving as associate editor for the following four well-known peer reviewed journals: Journal of Korean Statistical Society, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology (Top 2 journals in survey statistics and methodology in the world), Survey Methodology (forthcoming in September 2021), and director of Novel Methodologies Unit of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design Core of the Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources (OSCTR). In addition, Dr. Chen is now serving as the president of American Statistical Association Oklahoma Chapter. Dr. Chen is a Faculty Affiliate of the TSET Health Promotion Research Center. He performs as faculty biostatistician for Biomedical and Behavioral Methodology Core, Biostatistics Core for Stephenson Cancer Center and Sooner Survey Center at OUHSC. He has also served as a consultant for the Tribal Epidemiology Center of the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board of Oklahoma since 2016.



  • PhD, Statistics, Iowa State University, 2012 
  • BA, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Fudan University, 2007 



  • Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Hudson College of Public Health, OUHSC, 2015–present 
  • Senior sampling statistician, Westat, 2012-2015 


  • BSE 5603 Sampling Theory and Methods 
  • BSE 5653 Nonparametric Methods 
  • BSE 5960 Directed Readings 
  • BSE 5980 Research for Master’s Thesis 
  • BSE 6553 Linear Models I 


Research Interests: 

  • Survey sampling 
  • Missing data problems 
  • Machine learning and big data 
  • Statistical disclosure control 
  • Causal inference 
  • Empirical likelihood 
  • Non-parametric and semi-parametric modeling and small area estimation 
  • Tobacco research and Native American health disparities  


Link to Dr. Chen's current publications

Select publications:

  1. S. Chen, D. Haziza, C. Leger and Z. Mashreghi. (2019). Pseudo-population bootstrap methods for imputed survey data. Biometrika106369-384 
  1. S. Chen and D. Haziza. (2019). On the nonparametric multiple imputation with multiply robustness. Statistica Sinica, 29, 2035-2053  
  1. S. Chen and D. Haziza. (2017). Multiply robust imputation procedures for the treatment of item nonresponse in surveysBiometrika104, 439-45 
  1. S. Chen and J. K. Kim. (2014). Two-phase sampling for propensity score estimation in self-selected samples. The Annals of Applied Statistics. 3, 1492-1515. 
  1. S. Chen and J. K. Kim. (2014). Population empirical likelihood for nonparametric inference in survey sampling. Statistica Sinica. 24, 335-35 

Sixia Chen, Ph.D. Sooner Survey Profile

Sixia Chen, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics.   Dr. Chen has extensive experience related to statistical methods development in missing data and survey research methods.  He has worked as a collaborative and methodologic statistician in the Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology at Iowa State University as a Graduate Research Assistant, as a Statistical Analyst in Mathematica Policy Research for 3 months and more recently, as a Senior Survey Statistician at Westat, where he gained experience in statistical consulting for sample design, weighting, and imputation. He has been productive in developing new statistical methods related to sampling and inference in survey studies.  He has the expertise necessary to develop sampling plans for complex surveys and to calculate sampling weights that are utilized in the data analysis.    Dr. Chen will develop the sampling plan relative to the aims of the investigators, will draw the random sample and will create the sampling weights.