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C19C Student Feature: Winston Scrambler

C19C Student Feature: Winston Scrambler

Published: Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The COVID-19 Committee (C19C) is a student-led committee that recruits and connects OUHSC students to COVID-19 projects and initiatives happening on campus. The C19C also recognizes student involvement in the fight to end the pandemic.

Winston Scrambler, a bachelor of public health student, delivered lifesaving first response aid for trauma and medical patients while working 24-hour shifts on an advanced life support ambulance team. This resulted in treating and saving hundreds of civilians’ lives. Winston also implemented a COVID-19 containment protocol for patients, resulting in 25% decrease of virus exposure.

If you are a student who has been (or is) involved in the fight to end the pandemic, please connect with the C19C at to have your contributions recognized.