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Celebrating Excellence at the 2024 REACH-OUT Poster Forum

Celebrating Excellence at the 2024 REACH-OUT Poster Forum

Published: Wednesday, May 1, 2024

The OU-Tulsa campus recently buzzed with excitement as the 2024 REACH-OUT Poster Forum unfolded, showcasing the diverse and impactful research efforts of our students. Among the 50 exceptional posters, two outstanding students from the Department of Health Promotion Sciences stood out as winners, earning recognition for their innovative work and dedication to advancing public health.

Ash Rowe: Tailoring "NOURISH-OK" for People Living with HIV

Ash Rowe's poster, "Tailoring the 'NOURISH-OK' Food is Medicine Intervention for People Living with HIV," not only garnered attention but also secured a spot as one of the Top Three Winners at the 2024 REACH-OUT Poster Forum. Their insightful exploration of tailored nutritional interventions for individuals living with HIV impressed both judges and attendees alike. Ash's dedication to improving healthcare outcomes through personalized approaches highlights the innovative spirit at the OU Hudson College of Public Health

Kay Woodring: Championing Perspectives Through Illustrations

Kay Woodring's poster, "Using Illustrations to Elicit Perspectives About Food Among People Living with HIV," not only won acclaim but also received the prestigious "Focus on Underrepresented Minority Communities Award." Kay's innovative approach to using illustrations as a medium for understanding diverse perspectives underscores the importance of inclusive research methodologies. Her work is a testament to our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in public health research.

At the OU Hudson College of Public Health, we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our students. Ash Rowe and Kay Woodring's success at the REACH-OUT Poster Forum is a testament to the collaborative spirit and excellence that define our community. Their achievements inspire us to continue pushing boundaries and making meaningful contributions to public health.

Join us in congratulating Ash Rowe and Kay Woodring for their outstanding achievements and commitment to creating positive change in healthcare and research.