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Celebrating Public Health Excellence: Recognizing Outstanding Faculty Achievements at OUHSC

Celebrating Public Health Excellence: Recognizing Outstanding Faculty Achievements at OUHSC

Published: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

We are thrilled to share the exceptional achievements of three esteemed faculty members from the Hudson College of Public Health, who were recently honored at the Health Sciences Campus Faculty Awards Ceremony on April 29, 2024. These awards serve as a testament to their remarkable contributions and underscore the depth of talent and dedication within our institution.


Katrin Kuhn, PhD - University Hospital Authority and Trust Presidential Professorship: Dr. Katrin Kuhn's outstanding commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering excellence in teaching and research has earned her the prestigious University Hospital Authority and Trust Presidential Professorship. This recognition reflects her unwavering dedication to shaping the future of healthcare through innovative approaches and scholarly endeavors.


Lancer D. Stephens, PhD - Presbyterian Health Foundation Presidential Professorship:  Dr. Lancer D. Stephens' impactful contributions to the field of healthcare and his exceptional leadership qualities have been acknowledged with the Presbyterian Health Foundation Presidential Professorship. His visionary work and dedication to improving patient outcomes resonate deeply within our academic community.


Sydney Martinez, PhD - Provost’s Research Award for Junior Faculty in Clinical/Translational Research: Dr. Sydney Martinez's exemplary achievements in clinical and translational research have been recognized with the Provost’s Research Award for Junior Faculty. Her groundbreaking research initiatives and commitment to advancing healthcare practices underscore her potential to make profound contributions to the field.


We take immense pride in our faculty members who play a pivotal role in educating the health professionals of tomorrow. With over 1,200 full-time faculty members across seven colleges, OUHSC fosters a collaborative environment where expertise in scientific research and patient care converges to inspire excellence in education.

Our faculty members not only excel in their respective fields but also lead students in interprofessional activities, preparing them for cohesive teamwork in their future careers. Through a range of awards and recognition programs, OUHSC celebrates the remarkable achievements of its faculty and encourages nominations to honor deserving individuals in teaching, research, and service.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of our faculty members and their dedication to shaping the future of healthcare.