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Four Occupational and Environmental Health Students Shine at AIHce 2023

Four Occupational and Environmental Health Students Shine at AIHce 2023

Published: Tuesday, May 7, 2024

At the heart of innovation and excellence in occupational and environmental health, four outstanding PhD students have showcased their dedication and expertise at the prestigious 2023 American Industrial Hygiene Conference (AIHce). Mingze Zhu, Peter Kim, Toluwanimi Oni, and David Bolade have not only excelled in their academic pursuits but have also been recognized with esteemed awards for their contributions to the field.


Mingze Zhu: Mingze Zhu's exceptional work was honored with the 1st Place Student Poster Award from both the AIHA Protective Clothing and Equipment Committee and the AIHA Biological Monitoring Committee. Additionally, Mingze received the prestigious AIHF Amazon “Invent and Simplify” Scholarship and the AIHF Needs-Based Scholarship, highlighting their commitment to advancing safety and health practices.


Peter Kim: Co-authoring the AIHA Lila Albin Award-winning paper, Peter Kim demonstrated a deep understanding of indoor environmental quality, earning recognition as part of the Best Paper from the AIHA Indoor Environmental Quality Committee. Peter's insights were further showcased through a compelling student oral presentation, solidifying his position as a thought leader in the field.


Toluwanimi Oni: Toluwanimi Oni's dedication to innovation and problem-solving was acknowledged with the AIHF Amazon “Invent and Simplify” Scholarship, emphasizing their potential to drive impactful change in occupational and environmental health practices. Additionally, Toluwanimi has been awarded the American Industrial Hygiene Association Student and Early Career Sponsorship to the 2024 AIHce, setting the stage for continued success and leadership.


David Bolade: David Bolade's commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approaches earned him the AIHF Amazon “Invent and Simplify” Scholarship, highlighting his potential to contribute significantly to the advancement of occupational and environmental health initiatives.


These remarkable achievements not only reflect the exceptional caliber of students at Hudson College of Public Health but also underscore the institution's commitment to fostering talent and innovation in public health leadership. As we celebrate their successes, we look forward to witnessing their continued impact on shaping a healthier, safer future for communities worldwide.