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Apply Now!

Applications to all programs in the OU Hudson College of Public Health require completion of two electronic applications available through the links provided:

An application will not be reviewed unless both the SOPHAS and the Hudson College of Public Health Supplemental Applications are complete.

All required materials, official transcripts, transcript evaluations, letters of reference, test scores, etc., must be sent to SOPHAS, following the instructions within the SOPHAS application. Applications are reviewed electronically through a review portal maintained by SOPHAS. Materials sent directly to the College will not be available for review by the admissions committee.

Please use the CHECK YOUR STATUS function of the SOPHAS application to track the receipt of required materials (references, transcripts, test scores, etc.). You will find this feature on the homepage of your application when you sign in.

The same programs must be selected in both the SOPHAS and the Hudson College of Public Health Supplemental Application.

If two programs are selected, and the application is complete (SOPHAS has received all required materials and the supplemental application has been received), the application will be sent to both departmental admissions committees for review and decision.

If the application receives two decisions to admit, the applicant will decide which program to pursue and will accept one offer and decline the other.

The fee structure for the SOPHAS application is:

  • One designation          $120.00
  • Two designations         $165.00
  • Three designations      $210.00
  • Four designations        $255.00
  • Five designations         $300.00

The fee structure for the Hudson College of Public Health Supplemental Application is:

  • One or Two Professional programs
    (MPH, MHA, DrPH, Certificate)            $100.00
  • One or Two Graduate Programs
    (MS or PhD)                                          $ 75.00
  • One Professional Program
    (MPH, MHA, DrPH, Certificate) and
    One Graduate Program (MS, PhD)      $175.00

The total cost for applying to the OU Hudson College of Public Health will be the cost of the SOPHAS plus the cost of the supplemental application.