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Alumni Advisory Board Members

Carrie Blumert

Carrie Blumert, MPH
Oklahoma County Commissioner
(District 1)
MPH, Health Promotion Sciences, 2012

Andy Britt

Andy Britt, CIH, CSP, CHMM
EHS Manager
Kinder Morgan Midstream
MS, Industrial Hygiene, 2010

Rachel Butler

Rachel Butler, MS, CIH
Certified Industrial Hygienist Consultant
Marshall Environmental Management, Inc
MS, Industrial Hygiene, 2014

Leslie Carroll

Leslie Carroll, PhD, MPH
Center for Community Health
Tulsa Health Department
MPH 2012; Ph.D., Health Promotion Sciences, 2020

Dana Carroll

Dana Mowls-Carroll, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Division of Environmental Health Sciences
University of Minnesota School of Public Health
Ph.D., Epidemiology, 2017

Brandie Combs

Brandie Combs, MPH
County Health Department Regional Coordinator
Tillman County
Comanche County Health Department
MPH, Health Promotion Sciences, 2001

Garry Crain

Garry Crain, MHA, CPL
Chairman and CEO
Monia Capital, LLC
MHA, Health Administration and Policy, 1994

Juan Delara

Juan Delara, MPH, CHP
MIECHV Grants Manager
Family Support and Prevention Service
Oklahoma State Department of Health
MPH, Epidemiology, 2014

Whitney Dockrey

Whitney Dockrey, JD/MHA
Business Development and Physician Relations
St. John's Health System
MHA/JD, Health Administration and Policy, 2019

Megan Eisele

Megan Eisele
Hudson College of Public Health Student Association
Master of Science Candidate, Biostatistics

Terence Gipson

Terence Gipson, Ph.D., MPH
Assistant Professor
Public Health Policy
St. John Fisher College
Ph.D., Health Promotion Sciences, 2021

Aundria Goree

Aundria Goree, MPH
Mission and Community Health
Mercy Hospital
MPH, Health Administration and Policy, 2014

Sara Greenlee

Sara Greenlee, MS
Safety and Environment Lead at Halliburton
MS, Environmental Health, 2018

Jordan Mearod

Jordan Hearod, Ph.D., MPH, CBIS
Brain Injury Case Manager
Brookhaven Mental Health Hospital
MPH 2014; Ph.D., Health Promotion Sciences, 2018

Leslie Hudson

Leslie Hudson, Ph.D., PT, MS
Community Volunteer
Civic Leader
MS, Epidemiology, 1986, Ph.D., Epidemiology, 1990

Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee, MPH
Acute Disease Services
Oklahoma State Department of Health
MPH, Epidemiology, 1998

Trae Rahill

Trae Rahill, MHA
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Oklahoma Healthcare Authority
MHA, Health Administration and Policy, 2013

Keith Reed

Keith Reed, RN, MPH, CPH
Deputy Commissioner
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Community Health Services
MPH, Health Administration and Policy, 2006

Kathleen Shaver

Kathleen Shaver, MS
Environment and Supply Chain Innovation
MS, Environmental Health, 1994

Veena Shetty

Veena Shetty, MPH
Associate Director
Portfolio Management at Quartesian
MPH, Biostatistics, 2003