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Can I complete the MHA degree while working full time?

Yes, we have many students who do that. The three-year track is designed for the working adult who can take 3 courses per semester.

When are your courses usually offered?

Our courses are offered in 3-hour blocks of time. They are traditionally offered from 12-3pm, 3pm-6pm, or 6-9pm on Monday-Thursdays. Again, this helps facilitate working during the day.

How can I get financial assistance?

First, it is critical to know the MHA costs only about $370 per credit hour. Second, scholarships are available for incoming MHA students and current MHA students. Third, many employers will support further education and contribute towards tuition costs.

How big are the classes?

Generally, the class sizes range from 6-12 students.

When can I enroll?

Cohorts start in the fall semester. Admission for the cohort is finalized in June, and enrollment begins in July.

How do I find my administrative internship?

Faculty members generally help students find their internships by posting or emailing opportunities. Students also find opportunities through networking events, alumni, and national internship programs.

Will you waive the TOEFL score?


Where do you generally place your graduates?

This can be answered several ways. First, they are placed generally within hospital settings, however, we do have some graduates work with consulting companies, management companies, and clinics. Second, we have graduates who stay local and who move across the country. Third, we have graduates who enter as legal counsel, analysts, managers, directors, or administrative fellows. Our graduate and placement page can provide more details.

Do I have to complete the interview in person?

It may be completed in person, on phone, or through a web cam.