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MHA Internships

Bennett Pickar

Bennett PickarBennett Pickar led an energy consumption project to benchmark energy cost and usage data and identify low-cost initiatives to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. He also worked on a hospitalist/patient flow optimization project aimed at reducing the length of stay for pediatric inpatients and emergency department hold times through efficient rounding, expedited testing, and streamlining of the discharge process.

Whitney Dockrey Miller

Whitney Dockrey MillerWhitney Dockrey Miller spent the summer as a legal intern and administrative resident at INTEGRIS Health and the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute (ICI). Whitney’s legal activities included preparing a Certificate of Need, mental and behavioral health and addiction law research, co-occurring disorder treatment research for the Arcadia Trails Center for Addiction and Recovery, physician and real estate contract reviews, informed consent law research, and hospital by-laws revisions. She also worked on length of stay reductions through better case management practices, identified ways to reduce insurance denials through better preauthorization and process improvement strategies, determined which drugs ICI should re-negotiate reimbursement rates for to avoid losses, and researched the Oncology Care Model.

Ashiq Zaman

Ashiq ZamanAshiq Zaman is an administrative resident at Mercy Hospital, Oklahoma City through May 2018. His activities include implementation of an early mobilization protocol in the ICU, optimization of throughput in the obstetrics service using LEAN techniques, and standardization of medication reconciliation protocols across hospital admissions and discharges.

Hunter Wilson

Hunter WilsonHunter Wilson had a very busy summer at St. Mark’s in Salt Lake City. Primarily, he helped with Patient Experience improvement measures. He also created a survey given to three different nursing units that modeled the HCAHPS survey with additional questions designed to solicit staff feedback for improvement measures. The results were then analyzed and Hunter prepared a report to the CNO, ACNO and nursing directors and gave recommendations on areas of improvement. Additionally, he also created tools to be used by the CNO and ACNO to help track patient experience trends for each inpatient unit at the hospital. Hunter created an extensive administrator onboarding toolkit. The toolkit information about the hospital, the culture, employee engagement efforts, core measures, patient experience, crisis communications and Incident Commander, and financial data. The toolkit will be given to each new administrator and is designed to help strengthen departmental communication and help create a more cohesive administration team. His last main project was developing an administrator on-call guide for St. Mark's Hospital. It covered all the necessary information for an administrator who has on call responsibilities. It covers the surge plan, crisis plans, divert plans and patient transfer protocols.

Braxton Billings

Braxton BillingsBraxton Billings completed his internship for the respective presidents of INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center and INTEGRIS Health Edmond. During his internship, he worked on the following projects: emergency department call-pay adjustment, system-level outpatient bucketing project, a cost-benefit analysis of the Linx Esophageal Device, and outlier physician call-back times.

Jesse Heller

Jesse HellerWhile at Samaritan Health System, Jesse developed a survey post orientation to improve onboarding process; consolidated residency contracts in to one single database; analyzed financial data to present an executive summary; improved internal decision-making by creating a flow chart; analyzed similar markets to determine labor pool needed; consolidated all four types of insurance contracts into one template; and developed an administrative intern job description for publication.

Brenna Wallach

Brenna WallachThis summer Brenna worked as a Carl Albert Executive Fellow in the Planning and Project Management Office at the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. She was the project manager on an agency-wide Quality Improvement project and on an RFI regarding foster care. Brenna also went on several community, provider, and behavioral health home visits.

Allison Jech

Allison JechAfter graduating with a BS degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma, Allison Jech is now a second-year MHA candidate. During the summer of 2017, Allison interned at the Oklahoma City VA. There, she conducted LEAN projects within the Emergency Department which focused on decreasing wait times and increasing access for veterans. She also coordinated and implemented the Nurse First program, phlebotomy, and the addition of X-Ray within the ED. Currently, Allison is working on a space utilization program within the VA.

Sara Willhight

Sara WillhightSara Willhight completed her summer 2017 internship with the Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health System in Norman, OK. Sara participated in various data analysis projects, budgeting activities, had the opportunity to present to the health board, and participated in the electronic health record (EHR) platform selection process. Sara attended multiple American Indian professional organizational meetings, strategic planning seminars, and tribal finance consortiums as she learned about how American Indian health is administered and managed on the macro and micro levels. The OU MHA program equipped Sara with the comprehensive background required to fully participate in the Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health System as an executive-level administrator.