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MPH Program Admission Requirements

Admission with full standing to Masters degree programs requires an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 hours of upper division (Junior and Senior level) coursework. If at least 12 semester hours of graduate work have been taken, then the minimum GPA will be based on the graduate work. 

In addition to other entry requirements of the College of Public Health, applicants to the MPH program in OEH must have completed the following: a College Algebra or higher course, 30 hours in basic sciences, mathematics, engineering and technology, with at least 9 hours in chemistry to include organic chemistry and a course in physiology, biochemistry, or other appropriate life science course.

For details about the MPH admission requirements, please contact:

Margaret Phillips, PhD
Chair, Department of Occupational and Environmental Health
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
College of Public Health
P.O. Box 26901
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901
Phone: (405) 271-2070 ext. 46764
Fax: (405)271-1971