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PhD Program Competencies

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree

The PhD program in Occupational and Environmental Health is developed around the mastery of following competencies, which are essential and critical for candidate to be successful in research:

  • Exhaustively search and critically review the scientific literature in a chosen area of occupational and environmental health
  • Formulate testable scientific hypotheses
  • Design studies to test scientific hypotheses or otherwise produce meaningful findings
  • Use, and if appropriate, develop valid tools to collect and interpret data
  • Demonstrate understanding of the chosen area of specialization within occupational and environmental health
  • Recognize the limits of one’s own knowledge, and demonstrate the ability to seek and implement advice or collaboration as necessary
  • Understand the responsible conduct of research, including data acquisition, management, sharing and ownership; mentor/student responsibilities; publication practices and responsible authorship; peer review; collaborative science; research misconduct; conflict of interest, and protection of human subjects and of animals in research
  • Communicate research to scientific peers accurately and in a professional manner
  • Convey broad knowledge of occupational and environmental health in an educational setting