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MS Program Objectives

MS Program Educational Objectives

1. Graduates of the Master of Science program in Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center will be professional practitioners who apply scientific knowledge to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental hazards or stresses affecting human health.  Competencies demonstrated by graduates will include the ability:
i. To identify overt and potential health hazards in the workplace and to apply analytical skills in the evaluation of those health risks;
ii. To effect control of workplace hazards through application of the hierarchy of controls;
iii. To educate workers and management concerning occupational hazards and the prevention of occupational health problems;
iv. To apply knowledge of the regulations of various agencies having occupational health and safety functions;
v. To function on multidisciplinary teams to protect and enhance worker health.
Additionally, graduates will work effectively in positions with responsibility for elements of environmental management, such as compliance with environmental regulations or planning and budgeting of environmental projects.

2. Graduates will aspire to and achieve professional certification, such as the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) credential, appropriate to their employment history and circumstances.

3. Graduates will communicate technical and business information accurately and effectively.